Can You Really Lose Weight on a McDonald’s-Only Diet? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

Is it possible to slim down while eating a diet plan consisting solely of fast food from McDonald’s? According to Tennessee grandfather Kevin Maginnis– aka @bigmaccoaching on TikTok– you can.

Maginnis, 56, started recording his McDonald’s- just diet plan on the social media platform in February.

His plan was commonly received on TikTok before the platform banned his account.1 Maginnis’ first video gathered more than 2.2 million views– however that doesn’t suggest this diet plan trend comes devoid of controversy. Maginnis has lost weight so far on his non-traditional strategy– down 21 pounds given that his last weigh in– lots of professionals are concerned not only for his health but likewise possibly the health of people who are inspired by him.

Here’s what you require to understand about Maginnis’ McDonald’s- only diet, why it might be resulting in some weight loss, and why the outcomes might not always be healthy or sustainable.

What Is This McDonald’s- Only Diet?
The McDonald’s- just diet plan is not a main eating strategy– it was not produced by signed up dietitians and there are no clinical trials available to examine its safety or effectiveness.
Volume Eating for Weight Loss—Dietitians Discuss Pros and Cons
The diet plan was developed by Maginnis himself, on February 21, according to his TikTok videos. The diet only has a few simple guidelines:
Maginnis is to eat just food provided on the McDonald’s menu for 100 days.
3 meals are allowed every day, and each meal portion is cut in half, so only 50% of each menu item is taken in. (Desserts are allowed, too.).
No treats are enabled between meals, and Maginnis has elected water as his beverage of option.
An exercise suggestion is not consisted of on this plan, and Maginnis declares he only gets in around 2,000 steps daily.

Wanting to reach a healthy weight, Maginnis said he tapped into his previous experiences being an ex-wrestler and boxer. Because calorie limitation helped him lose pounds and inches in the past, he decided to try limiting part sizes at his beloved junk food joint and just eat when he is starving.
Can You Really Lose Weight by Eating Only McDonald’s?
According to his latest TikTok update, Maginnis has actually been on his diet for 21 days and he’s lost 21 pounds.

The reason for that, mainly, is calorie limitation.

Maginnis’ weight-loss isn’t necessarily surprising to experts. Idrees Mughal, MBBS, a Britain-based doctor with an extra masters in dietary research study, said that when the objective is simply weight loss, “just how much you consume is more crucial than what you eat.”.

What he’s consuming might also be contributing to the weight loss. “He is consuming protein at each meal, which suppresses cravings and keeps you full longer,” Younkin said. “This might be leading to less snacking than he was doing previously and a calorie deficit at the end of the day.”.

Whether his weight loss will be sustainable and able to be preserved is yet to be identified. “The real test won’t in fact be whether he can lose the weight– many different calorie deficit diet plans lead to weight-loss– it’s whether or not he will keep it off,” signed up dietitian Sarah Anzlovar, MS, RDN, LDN, owner of Sarah Gold Nutrition, LLC, told Health.

According to Anzlovar, “many people restore weight lost within 6 months to one year because bodies increase the drive to eat and metabolic process often slows down with weight loss.” When somebody like Maginnis stops his weight reduction experiment, “he will require to maintain a substantial calorie deficit in order to preserve the weight loss,” Anzlovar stated.

Mughal agreed that while it is true that in the short-term, simply lowering the amount you are eating can provide some health advantages, it likely will not be a sustainable technique. “Both quality and amount of food effect weight loss for long-lasting success,” he stated.
What Are the Health Risks of a McDonald’s- Only Diet?
In addition to his 21-pound weight reduction, Maginnis’ McDonald’s- just diet plan has likewise resulted in a reduction in a lot of his heart-health markers, including his triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and overall cholesterol, he stated in his TikTok videos.

In the short term, heart health can improve amongst individuals with weight problems who lose a significant amount of weight. “The weight loss will override the unhealthy dietary pattern,” Dr. Mughal said.

But unhealthy eating patterns will catch up with individuals who do not focus on diet plan quality. “Eventually, it will negate the useful results of the weight reduction,” Dr. Mughal said, adding that as one’s health journey continues, diet plan quality needs to become the focus without actively limiting calories to keep appetite cues and the risk of binge consuming in check.

Weight reduction and heart health markers aside, McDonald’s food is not nutritionally up to par to support overall health.

” McDonald’s meals significantly lack fruits and vegetables, which contribute crucial minerals, anti-oxidants, and fiber to your diet plan,” Anzlovar stated. “This might not only significantly impact gastrointestinal health, however it could likewise result in minerals and vitamin shortages unless a multivitamin is included.”.

Research has verified that these patterns among fast food eaters lead to poorer diet plan quality; higher intakes of overall and saturated fats, sugar, and salt; and lower intakes of fiber, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and micronutrients.2.

Underconsumption of nutrient-dense foods like produce, whole grains, nuts, and seeds is linked to an increased risk of many persistent diseases, including type 2 diabetes and coronary cardiovascular disease.3.
What to Consider Before Trying a McDonald’s- Only Diet.
Though Maginnis has seen some short-term success on his McDonald’s- just diet, professionals certainly aren’t recommending others to follow in his steps.

For the many part, Americans are prompted to follow the MyPlate approach, which was developed to help individuals incorporate the suggestions established by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The approach includes making half of your food volume fruits and vegetables at meals; with lean proteins, dairy, and quality carbs making up the remainder of the plate.

McDonald’s food– or fast food in general– doesn’t nicely fit into those standards.” [I can not] think of a single mix of a McDonald’s meal that would fit these goals,” registered dietitian and author Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, told Health. “Especially because they no longer offer salads or grilled chicken on the menu.”.

It’s also essential to remember that weight loss alone does not necessarily improve health markers over the long term.

” Research has actually revealed that even with kept weight-loss, bad health habits, including diet quality can adversely affect metabolic markers such as cholesterol and blood sugar,” Anzlovar stated. “On the other hand, integrating healthy practices like eating fruits and vegetables and other health-promoting foods in addition to exercising can improve long term health.”.

While leaping on this TikTok trend may sound appealing, there are some long-term dangers associated with eliminating whole food groups, particularly if this diet plan is adopted for an extended period of time.

Due to the fact that of this, attempting any diet plan needs to be talked about with your doctor ahead of time– specifically if it’s one that includes striking the drive-through window several times a day, as it will not be a perfect match for most people who want to achieve lasting health benefits.

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