How to Use Interval Walking for Weight Loss

Walking to drop weight is effective, convenient, and excellent for your physical and mental health.1 However if you wish to take things up a notch and inject some variation into your walking routine, you can attempt interval strolling for weight reduction. An interval walking program can enhance the strength and calorie burn without including too much tension or strain to your body.

Below is more about what interval walking is, how to establish a strategy that works for you, and a sophisticated strategy to assist you advance.

What Is Interval Walking?
An interval strolling program for weight loss is practically the same as every other strolling program to lose weight but it takes advantage of short bursts of faster walking to help you burn more fat. Each interval is timed so that it is not too long and you won’t get tired.

Following each fast walking burst is a short healing so that you can catch your breath and recover. Interval walking is among the best ways to improve your level of physical fitness, burn more calories, and even shift to a running or running program.
How to Set Up Interval Walking
Before you begin any exercise program, it is important to consult your medical professional to make sure that you are healthy enough for a vigorous workout. Then you must guarantee that you are effectively equipped with excellent walking shoes and an interval timer. Many fitness trackers and activity monitors have a watch feature that you can use to time your intervals.
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Throughout the warm-up, begin with a simple walking pace and slowly work your way up to a moderate walking rate. When walking at a moderate pace, you should be breathing deeply however conveniently.
Speed Interval: After the warm-up, begin your very first period. If you are new to this exercise style, start with a brief 30-second period. During this burst, flex your arms and pump them forward and back. Take much shorter, quicker steps, roll from your heel to your toes, and press off strong. Your breathing will get deeper also.
Moderate Pace Interval: After 30 seconds, return to your moderate walking pace for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You just completed your very first interval set!
Repeat: Repeat the interval set (30 seconds of a fast burst followed by two minutes and 30 seconds of a moderate speed) 4 more times for 5 interval sets (15 minutes).
Cooldown: Finish the exercise with a 5-minute cooldown.
How to Increase Walking Intensity
As your physical fitness level enhances, you can make your period strolling program more advanced. However remember that because your period walking exercises are challenging, you do not wish to do them daily.

Rather, alternate period strolls with moderate-intensity, steady-paced walks throughout the week. 2 or 3 interval strolls per week are advised. In this manner, you give yourself some simpler days in between to avoid injury or burnout.

Reduce the pause. After each 30-second burst, offer yourself less time to recover. Just make certain you maintain a moderate rate throughout the healing stage.
Lengthen the interval burst. Make each interval burst last longer. Attempt a 40-second interval, a 50-second period, or a 60-second period to burn more fat while walking.
Add hills. You can do interval strolling on a hill to make it harder. Utilize a single, brief hill, stroll up throughout the burst, and walk down for recovery, or do your whole walking workout on a slope.
Add speed. Some runners find out how to run by utilizing a simple period strolling program. Why not offer it a shot? Throughout your quick burst, jog slowly. Slow down to a brisk walk during the recovery. Slowly increase the time you spend jogging and decrease the time you spend walking. Soon enough, you’ll be jogging during your entire exercise!
You’ll probably find that your interval walking program flies by quicker than consistent speed walking. Counting each burst and recovery helps take your mind off the effort of your workout.

Keep in mind that consistency matters most when you want to lose weight. No matter which strolling program you utilize to lose weight, stick to it to get genuine outcomes.

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